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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Letters to the Editor

Thanks to all who made a success of Mixed Nuts

I would like to thank all of the businesses and individuals for their generous donations of the Mixed Nuts event held Feb. 1 at St. Mary of the Bay Church to benefit St. Jean Baptiste Church Handicap Accessibility Fund. More than 72 businesses and individuals contributed food, services, material goods or gift certificates which made the event an overwhelming success netting a $5,000 in profit. Due to space restrictions, I am unable to list them individually here.

Specials thanks to the members of the Mixed Nuts cast, Kevin Sullivan, Kim Frenze, Mark Colozzi, Nancy Hillner and Katie Estrella for their wonderful performances. Their talent and professionalism exceeded everyone's expectations, which were evident from the standing ovation they received that evening.

The event was very successful due to the publicity it received through the Journal, the Bristol Phoenix, the Warren Times and Citadel Communications.

Thanks to the following CCD students on the confirmation class of St. Jean Baptiste Church and St. Mary of the Bay, Kathryn Alfano, Michael Bestoso, Shawn Cheever, Michael Dennis, Alison Dutelle, Ashley Johnson, Anthony Lombardo, Beth Lombardo, Christine Lombardo, Elizabeth Lombardo, Cathy Martel, Lisa Sampson, Andrew Sylvester and Jason Turnball. Their help with decorating, set-up and concessions was very helpful. Their willingness to participate in this event to benefit the fund to make St. Jean Baptiste Church handicap accessible should be applauded. I am grateful to them all. I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to MaryAnne Pinheiro, Cynthia Keating and John Carbone, for their help and support, as well as the following committee members who worked so hard to achieve success for this event Phil Beaulieu, Paul and Diane Brule, Bob and Helen Burns, Domenic and Peggy Carbone, Bill and Elodie Destefano, Ray and Fran Dutelle, Sue Forshee, Raymonde Fournier, Joan Jamrog, Bill and Claudette Lavey, Diane Letourneau, James and Trudy Palazio, Rosanne Rabideau and Steven Skuba.

Though this is the second successful fundraiser this committee has had, we acknowledge the need to continue due to the high cost of a project of this magnitude. Therefore, we are very grateful to the Nencka family for their thoughtfulness during the loss of their mother to include the fund to make St. Jean Baptiste Church handicapped assessible as a donation tribute.

Anyone interested in making similar donations should mail them to:St. Jean Baptiste Church Handicap Access Fund, 328 Main St., Warren, 02885.

Cheryl Skuba

Committee Chair

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